Blackberry’s Industry Position through the U.S. smartphone history

A picture is worth a thousand words and a chart is even more detailing than a picture. The Washington Post recently republished a comScore chart illustrating Blackberry’s overall rise and fall in the U.S. Smartphone market. This chart also illustrate how extraordinarily quick the U.S. market share became divided with various competitors; such as, Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows Phone Platform has been diminishing as quickly as Blackberry. ComScore’s chart continues through March 2013, according to the market research firm’s latest data Blackberry’s U.S. smartphone market fell to 4.3% in the three-month period ended in July while Windows Phone stayed flat at 3%.

With current trends, which phone provider is going to completely dominate the market entering 2014? Which provider won’t be able to sustain a competitive position in the market to survive through 2014? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, there is no wrong answer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…

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Google Wallet available for ALL Android phones and every US carrier

All devices running Android 2.3 and up will be able to utilize Google wallet mobile payment service. Google is again broadening what users can do with wallet, expanding availability of payment service. Google wallet is taking PayPal head on with direct money transfers. With the new updates, users will be able to transfer cash to anyone with an email address in the US, once that email address is linked to a bank account to the service. Funds are also accessible from current Google wallet balance but using a debit or credit card to make payments will result in additional fees.

Most important update, Google Wallet is now available on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks. Loyalty cards from retailers can also be added to Google Wallet simply by scanning or entering bar code on the back of each card.

With this aggressive updates, Google Wallet is trying to take over the market from PayPal. We have not heard of too many users utilizing Google Wallet; leave a comment below sharing recent Google Wallet transactions and experience.

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Google vs. Microsoft; Integrate or Not

Earlier this week, Google consciously disrupted some of the functionality of Microsoft’s latest attempt at a native YouTube app for Windows Phone. Google admitted to purpose towards determination that Microsoft had violated YouTube’s terms of service.

This is no new tactic, the history of the technology industry is plagued with examples of one or more company making unilateral decisions to block others’ features or applications from working with their won, often hindering the users they claim to service.

Similar incidents occurred, between social media giants Twitter and Instagram. People can argue the integration of posting Instagram photos to Twitter was a big contribution to the growth of the photo service. In addition to, users accustomed with Facebook as well.

Last year, relations between the two companies became somewhat bitter. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was highly opinionated in regards to acquiring Instagram, the micro-blogging service lost out on that interest when Facebook bought Instagram in April 2012, at a billion dollar price tag.

Whether or not the Facebook’s ownership had anything to do with it, Instagram made a power move in the control of its own users by discontinuing Twitter Card integration. This momentarily stopped users from being able to load Instagram pictures from automatically being posted to Twitter.

Unfortunately, users were the ones who felt the affect the worst. Instagram stated, “In the past, we supported Twitter cards because we had a minimal web presence. We’ve since launched several improvements to our website that allow users to directly engage with Instagram content and believe the best experience is for us to link back to where the content lives. We’ll continue to evaluate to evaluate how to improve the experience with Twitter and instagram photos. Instagram users will continue to be able to share to Twitter as they originally did before the Twitter Cards implementation.”

The technology industry’s long list of history, involving unsuccessful and business hindering decisions towards interoperability makes it abundantly clear certain things do not change. When profits and control over users’ data and loyalty are at issue, more often than none, the users themselves end up as collateral damage.

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How safe are we on the internet? E-mail-tablet-smartphones

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As you take a look in the past and comparing it to the present, there is a lot to consider now. We did not have tablets or smart phones nor was the internet as fast as it is today. As technology surpasses time, there must be a sense of acknowledgement that not everything we use is safe and we must know the ins and outs of why security should be a top main concern. Since we use it on our tablets and smart phones daily. Being connected via internet could possibly harm our devices any moment. It was said that even taking pictures from your phone and posting it for example to social networking applications such as Instagram and Facebook could even show where the picture was taken on exact locations. (Creepy? A little bit?) With the new technology being brought out to the consumers it is important to keep…

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Happy Left-Handers Day!

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Left-Handers’ Day!

From smearing ink on your hand, to finding left-handed scissors life for left-handers could be rather odd. I myself as a left-hander always had to adjust to the slightest problematical situations  we left-handers face daily.  


Researchers has estimated about 10% of people are left-handed. People who study the brain has shown number of theories explaining why humans are the only species with handedness.

Even our very own Barack Obama, is a left hander. So for you 10% out there always keep your dreams alive.

Some studies have shown that left-handed people tend to be more vulnerable to negative emotions such as depression and anger. The brain plays a large role for that it has asymmetrical way of thinking and intellectually in tuned to your skills centered in the left hemisphere of your brain.

*Emotional and mood related functions are generally concentrated on the right side of the brain.

It’s almost a double edged sword…

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Can Satellite broadband sustain the urge for high speeds in UK?

Internet use is accessed by millions of UK resident daily. Millions of people use internet for research, trending topics, social media and online shopping. Unfortunately, the reliability, speed and availability of good internet connection is rarely experienced in rural areas throughout the UK.

In rural areas in this country, satisfying broadband connections are limited, causing concern among many residents and habitants  in the public sector, specifically within education. Particularly, in Wales, Estyn, the Assembly’s education spokesperson, has filed complaint due to the lack of completed assignments by students with slow internet speeds away from the classroom.

Member of Parliament, David Nuttall gathered a healthy share of government funding towards improving connections speeds in rural areas. “Those who live in area which have very slow broadband access speeds are seriously disadvantaged in this digital age. Although in recent months we have seen some progress, there is still much to be done.”

Recent alternatives and solution suggest residents aim satellites to the sky. In order to improve broadband speeds without having to over spend on infrastructure, satellite broadband is currently the answer to many rural residents prayers.

CEO of EuropaSat, Andrew Walwyn believes this could be a great way of boosting broadband speeds without doing too much infrastructure changes.

“Many people do not realize the role satellite broadband has in filling in rural notspots and connecting the last 5% of homes and businesses that will never get fast broadband over wires.”

In order to fill in the notspots here within the United States major corporations such as Google, Amazon and AOL are emerging with Fiber Networks connections throughout the United States such as southern Midwest and west coast.

What would be great alternatives for UK other than satellite broadband? Fiber lines throughout the UK would be unreachable with their budget but there are alternatives other than satellite broadband. Also, the United States experience similar issues in various areas throughout the nation, how can highspeeds be utilized by everyone?

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Human Error with Costly Computer Mistakes

Human error occur daily, with the capabilities of modern-day supercomputer available to banks nationwide. One would imagine, human errors are greatly magnified by automated systems and these errors seem to happen regularly. Mistakes such as this take place more often than expected, here are a few examples;

Just a matter of minutes elapse when a person makes simple mistakes that changes are persons’ life forever.  Is there going to be a more progressive change for automated systems,  in additional places other than grocery stores, ATMs and RedBox?

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In-house Server

After looking at what cloud-computing has to offer users, Let’s consider the options you have when purchasing an in-house server. When it comes time to upgrade from an older unit or purchase one for the first time, there are a several factors to consider. When going with an in-house setup, we assess the needs of your company and help you choose the most cost-efficient type of server.

For a first-time buyer there are a wide variety of vendors to choose from. Servers that SMBs purchase are called “dedicated servers.” A dedicated server is a single server that only allows one company access. It is “dedicated” to one client and is not shared with any other clients/companies. The advantage of an in-house server is that it allows you to operate the system the way you see fit, without any restrictions on use. However, routine maintenance and management becomes the responsibility of either the company’s in-house IT department or an independent tech-support company.

In the past, having an in-house network meant a room full of dedicated servers, switches, and firewalls. The overhead of maintaining several independent servers is significant: not just in equipment prices, but also in cooling and electrical costs. With the advances in technology, this costly option has been replaced by using a single server with software designed to share it’s resources and have the one server operate as if you had multiple servers.

This option is known as “virtualization.” Virtualization is a combination of software and hardware that creates virtual machines (VMs) – It allows single server to emulate many servers, which shares the resources in a single server.

The end goal of virtualization is to reduce the number of physical servers required for day to day operation. For example, if you had 8 physical servers, virtualization could allow you to consolidate this down to one physical server, but with the functionality of your previous 8 server setup. But why would you want to consolidate your physical servers?

By doing this, you can reduce hardware maintenance costs because of a lower number of physical servers. Additionally, you can increase space and cooling efficiency. This is advantageous not only because of the reduced cost of operation, but also by minimizing your carbon footprint, which can help improve your company’s image.

It also becomes easier to standardize a virtual server build that can be easily duplicated which will speed up server deployment. Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform (i.e. Windows Server 2008/2012, Linux, etc). By having each application within its own “virtual server,” you can prevent one application from impacting another application when upgrades or changes are made.

Disaster recovery, something Small Businesses do not think about very often, is also streamlined with a virtualized server setup. Instead of having to rebuild every machine with individual backups, a single image is stored, which makes restoration simple and efficient.

After getting your in-house server customized and configured to maximize your efficiency, you’re going to need to look into security. Security should be on the mind of every company. Many companies have sensitive information stored on their network, and the threat of unwanted access to privileged information has been on the rise throughout the decade. An important consideration is who will be maintaining the network, whether it be through physical upkeep or software updates. Many businesses do not have the IT staff onsite to handle this, so outsourcing these tasks is the only answer. TechITFast has the personnel and experience to make sure that your network is operating efficiently and securely.

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High Speed Internet across the United States

Assessing new technology for our nation’s schools, the quality of technology varies from district to district, school to school. President Obama revealed a new initiative, that in turn should help level technological expenses across the nation. Obama plans to have 99% of our US schools, grades from 3 – 12, access to high speed internet within 5 years. The internet, has been growing by leaps and bounds with various online apps, to heavy content filled websites. Schools are currently dealing with tremendously slow internet speeds, which hinder the education of students.

With the innovated ideas from companies like Google. Bringing Google fiber, 1 gigabit (Gb) speeds, to cities at a reasonable price seemed ideal. This massive increase of internet speed at a low price, is placing pressure on other competitive internet providers. Companies such as AT&T and Time Warner have both began upgrading their networks in different cities to compete against Google Fiber. Having high speed internet is not just used for large companies, but for other organizations such as industrial and educational facilities.

On June 18, 2013 the Los Angeles Board of Education approved a purchase of $30 million worth of IPads for their students. The initial step of $500 million to get California schools into the Tech age, in hopes to deliver better education for their attendees. Los Angeles has the second largest school district in the US. The main reason for these substantial spending efforts in LA, is to prepare students for the new technology-based curriculum known as “Common Core State Standards”, which is set to launch in the school year of 2014.

“We want to make sure that our classrooms are the classrooms of the future,” Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Jamie Aquino stated, “which I’d like to say, should be the classrooms of today.”.

California isn’t the only school district that is trying to place, technology into their school curriculum. A smaller school district in Mooresville, has incorporated going digital in their school district of 5,500 students.  The Mooresville Grade school district distributes one laptop to each student starting from 4th grade, then trained teachers to apply the technology in their lesson.

“At this school, this has only been going on for a few years, but so far the results have been remarkable,” stated President Obama, to a crowd full of middle school students, teachers and administrators. “Graduation rates are up. Last year out of 115 school districts in North Carolina, you ranked in the bottom 10 in the amount of money you spend per student, but you ranked number two in student achievement.” said President Obama speaking at Mooresville middle school.

With understanding technology is the future of America, should schools use money to allow students to receive new IPads in hopes to achieve a better learning environment? One might say  it’s a waste of money, while others are testify these changes across the nation help our students future. Let’s look at some of the advantages of having not only high-speed internet available to the students, but the equipment to utilize the services. One aspect of having new technology available to students such as the iPad or other products like it; allows for books and reading material to remain current. With a digital book, an updated version would be available instantly. Paper wasted across the school district will significantly drop, which in turn saves money, tests would be able to be digital which would allow teachers to get test scores faster and free up time for them to concentrate on planning and implanting other educational assignments.

Setting up America to have high-speed, 1Gb internet access, across the country will allow for consumers to implement new practices. Will this increase performance in schools? Will the availability of having internet access become cheaper for the average consumer? Let’s just say a country in motion stays in motion and this is another great push in keeping America on that path.

What is the “CLOUD”?

What is “the Cloud”? It is the internet. Everybody uses it. However, the term “cloud computing” refers to the services that have enabled the cloud to become so prominent in everyday life. For decades, people/businesses from across the world have been using the cloud in a simplest way. Using the internet to send e-mails, school papers, research and more. All of the old services with a lot of extras, new product developments such as Netflix (video streaming), Dropbox, Google Apps, Groupon. These companies are all offering services via the cloud.

Sadly, the term “cloud-computing” does not have a specific definition to what it is, a true definition of what is the cloud can be argued for days. Lets discuss services in more detail.


Think of cloud computing in two stages. Stage one is the user of the computer/device; while stage two will be the centralized servers in one location, containing vital information.

During stage 2, the cloud computing system, will take care of your computing power by running the applications for you. A end user no longer needs a robust computer, to handle all the resource demands from programs. Only requirements for stage 1(user end) is a system interface software, which could be as simple as a web browser. Exp: accessing your web e-mail (yahoo, Gmail..) the information is not your actual computer that you see, it’s in the stage2(cloud) servers.

A cloud computing company will have several clients; consequently they will have a high demand for not only processing power, but storage as well. Most cloud providers will have twice the amount of storage devices to keep all clients information stored. In case one computer/server breaks down, the administrative system will retrieve your data on the backup machine. Voila; you will always, have access to your information anywhere there is internet access.

The cloud in today’s era has come a long way from what it used to be. As time progresses, more applications will be created to allow you to utilize its infinite amount of resources. There are constantly new ideas and new applications being brought to the table; as cloud services becomes more popular and in some cases, a necessary option for many businesses. The variety of applications that providers can offer to consumers’ will continue to grow.

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